Online group transmission – “This was absolutely amazing! It brought me through so many past lives I thought I had already cleared, and some I didn’t know of yet, and there was complete acceptance and release. I also had quite […]

Sacha Rondeau

Online group transmission – “I am a singer and musician. I was so fascinated by the whole thing, it was really interesting. I’ve never encountered anything similar, and my creative mind of curiousity started to run wild! That was good, […]


Online group transmission – “I felt tingling sensations from start to finish, and it felt as if I was in a rain forest somewhere, surrounded by some people from I don’t know what age, but they’re not from this era. […]

Vallia Soeharijanto

Online group transmission – “I felt like I was having a journey around the world and visiting forests, jungles, went to the theater to watch opera, and then went outdoors again. There was a moment, I started feeling cold again, […]


Online group transmission – “Powerful experience, very different than anything I know for now. You are connected to so wise and powerful ancients healers, Sandra! It was a journey through past lives and healing. And the light mixed through all […]


Online group transmission – “I felt very familiar with that language, as if it was primitive and at the same time a language from the future, and in some ways at another level, I could understand it, I was just […]

Chiara Ciabattoni

Online group transmission – “It was very noticeable that an energetic cleaning was taking place. At the beginning it was very local and later in the session everywhere simultaneously. Special experience, thanks!”


Online group transmission – “What a special experience, you took me on a journey that I remember deeply. I am fascinated by what you do and I am only just discovering what shamanism is and does. Thank you for bringing […]


Online one-on-one session – “Right after the session I was already feeling a renewed sense of joy and Self. I was also having a powerful feeling of being reconnected with Source and my multidimensionality. I was feeling alive again and […]


Group session – “Thank you so much, dear Sandra, for the evening together in Amsterdam-IJburg. Such a gathering and session was the first time for me. Definitely not the last one. I am awed by your energy and power, your […]


One-on-one session – “I met Sandra a couple of years ago and was so inspired already back then that I interviewed her to tell her story of transformation on my blog. The flow of life magically brought our paths back […]


Group session – “This was an amazing experience! The night following the session I slept very deep and I feel like something has been released. I feel lighter, a certain acceptance. I think with time it’ll work through even deeper […]


Group session – “I felt my entire being present and aware with the sounds and words you shared with us. The transmissions that came through you, I could feel it with immediate sensations in my body and by the appearance […]


Group session – “Thank you Sandra – for the wonderful session last Saturday, 10th of June. So beautiful and healing. You have given us another wonderful journey; a loving, caring and delicate one! I felt extra light and happy and […]


Retraite – “Sandra is one of the healers I work with in the Twin Flame retreats I organize in various places in the world. My clients love working with her, in the Ibiza retreat in 2018 she was the favorite […]

Sabriyé Ayana

One-on-one session – “Thank you Sandra for co-traveling with you in a loving and safe environment. At the end of the session I felt like I’d just returned from a holiday: so light, rested and quiet inside. My breathing became […]


One-on-one session – “Wow, I feel as if I’ve been completely turned inside out. And as if I’ve been fully, truly fully been put in the (spot)light. This was incredible, Sandra! It was a vivid and very special experience to […]

Tim Schipper

One-on-one session – “It is as if I feel whole after this session. It felt like everything just fell into place. I have been under the impression that I had a good childhood and never dared to question that. The […]

Trix Juist

One-on-one session – “Wow, wow, wow! I’m deeply touched by the session I received from Sandra. Bumping into the same patterns over and over again started to make me feel dispirited. I asked Sandra if she wanted to give me […]


One-on-one session – “Sandra is a marvellous omnipotent healer. She has the natural ability to tap in to exactly what is needed at the time, how much to work on what level of the bodies and has no inhibition speaking […]

Ces Clara Mossel

One-on-one session – “Dear Sandra, I feel changed. I’m still amazed – and sensing how everything in my day-to-day life and my relationship with others suddenly feels different. It seems as if a certain level of sadness, of despondency has […]


One-on-one session – “Sandra is a one-in-a-billion woman! A woman I have always admired for the way she lives her passions and the inspiring and groundbreaking effect she has on the world surrounding her. Just by being herself and doing […]

Gosse Beerda